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  • Hiroshi_onishi_image_thumb

    TrAIN Open Lecture: Professor Hiroshi Onishi - Media Art as a Medium - Chaired by Dr Yuko Kikuchi

    Open Lecture

    Professor Onishi conducts research on Japanese ideas of nature, humanity and religion and explores the ways they can be relevant to contemporary art. In this lecture Prof Onishi will discuss questions of transnationalism and scale being explored in the ‘Utsuwa (Receptacle) Utsushi (Reproduction/Copy)’ project to be organised in London and Oxford in 2018.

    Hiroshi Onishi is an inter-media Artist and a Professor at the Department of Information Design, Kyoto University of Art and Design. He is also a member of ASIFA-JAPAN and MONO-sophy (monogaku) /Sense-Value Study Group.

  • Jane_gaines_thumb

    TrAIN Open Lecture - Professor Jane M. Gaines: The ‘Arab Spring’: How Online Activism Challenges Documentary and Media

    Open Lecture

    Chaired by Pratap Rughani

    ‘Arab Spring’ online activism is a test case for pressing theoretical issues that face the subfield of documentary studies: the relocation of activism from the streets to the internet and back again; the ascendance of capture and connection over recording; the loss of bodily experiential and perceptual parameters; the new evidentiary status of Big Data; the Arab World’s challenge to Western assumptions about technological progress.

    Jane M. Gaines, Professor of Film, Columbia University; co-founder conference on Visible Evidence: Strategies and Practices in Documentary; co-editor, Collecting Visible Evidence as well as work on piracy, intellectual property, silent era motion picture history, philosophy of history.

    There will be drinks and nibbles after this event.

  • Jessica_odgen_thumb

    TrAIN Recommends: Jessica Ogden: Still Private View and Exhibition

    TrAIN Recommends (external event)

    Curated by Professor Carol Tulloch

    The exhibition is an autobiographical display based on a ‘curatorial conversation’ between the artist and designer Jessica Ogden and Professor Carol Tulloch.

    Ogden was born and raised in Jamaica. She studied art in the America and England where she established her fashion label, Jessica Ogden, in 1993. Since 2006 Ogden has worked with fashion house A.P.C. in Paris. In 2015 Ogden returned to live and practice in Jamaica.

    Featuring a selection of objects from her archive of designs and contextual resource collection, Jessica Ogden: Still will reflect on her practice, as well as familial and cultural influences, to present a new understanding of her work. The exhibition space, a vacant shop in Church Street, Marylebone, will also be a working studio hosting weekly workshops where, for example, Ogden will encourage local residents to explore their making skills to produce a community piece that narrates local and personal histories.

    Please see more about the event, here: