Cinthia Marcelle

Resident Artist - TrAIN/Gasworks 2008/09

Marcelle’s practice extends from drawing and collage to city-scale interventions that are replayed as video or photography. In ‘Confronto’ (2005) for example, she arranged a street performance involving a group of the fire-jugglers who entertain cars waiting at red traffic lights; instead of moving aside when the lights turn green, the jugglers here stay in the middle of the road, increasing in number and persistently blocking the flow of traffic. Marcelle often uses video to capture a poetic, formal perspective of the events that she orchestrates. ‘Volta ao Mundo’ (2004) for example, shows nine white vans in sequence – joining, driving around and departing from a circular road – and ‘Fonte’ (2007) shows a single fire truck driving around and around in a perfect circle, shooting water into the centre of its tracks and thus creating an image of a fountain in reverse.

Through different media Marcelle’s work often assembles connections or creates meaningful coincidences; she uses both form and humor to exaggerate links that could occur by accident or association in everyday life, and this interest in synchronicity is explored in the ongoing series entitled Unus Mundus (“One World”).

Cinthia Marcelle lives and works in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and graduated in Fine Arts from the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. Her solo exhibitions include: Ikon Gallery. Birmingham, UK (2008), Box 4 Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2007) and Stride Gallery, Calgary, Canada (2005). She was featured in the 2007 Bienal de Lyon and the 2006 Bienal de Habana.

Between 17 January and 4 April 2009 Cinthia is living and working in South London as TrAIN artist in residence at Gasworks. During this time, she is developing a new installation for the Foyer Space at Camberwell College of Arts; this will be brought together with existing video work in an exhibition curated by TrAIN Research Fellow, Isobel Whitelegg.

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    Friday 27 Mar, 2009,
    18:00 to 20:00

    Foyer Space, Camberwell College of Arts, Peckham Road