Current PhDs

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    Sara Angel Guerrero Rippberger

    Current PhD

    Performing Art & Post-Identity: Artist Groups in Latin American and Arab Cities, 2003-2011
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    Jessica Carden

    Current PhD - TrAIN Student

    Contemporary Visual Representations of the Non-White Figure in the Arctic Landscape: British Colonial Constructions of the ‘Heart of Whiteness’ and the Black-White Binary as Fetish
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  • Helen_couchman_©_wang_jing_for_china_daily__beijing_thumb

    Helen Couchman

    Current PhD - The concept of ‘The Gift’ in relation to the landscape and urban renewal

    The concept of ‘The Gift’ in relation to the landscape and urban renewal</b
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    Angela Hodgson-Teall

    Current PhD

    Drawing on the Nature of Empathy
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    Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre

    Current PhD

    My research project is an in depth study of community-based art practice. In the context of my research this term is defined as a strand of social practice in which the artist or cultural worker has a commitment and declared investment in the communities affiliated to a specific location, on a long-term and fairly exclusive basis. In this, community-based practice is explicitly distinguished from a socially-engaged practice, which I characterise by both the itinerancy of the artist, and by a greater degree of involvement in commissioning processes and contemporary art institutional contexts. By focusing on the documentation and analysis of an under-theorised strand of social practice, this study makes a contribution to the critical understanding of the history and modes of artistic operation within this field.
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    Anne Luther

    Current PhD

    Collecting Networks and Contemporary Art Production.
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    Caroline Menezes

    Current PhD - Curatorship and the mapping the ‘artistic project’ of post-Duchampian art in Brazil and the UK in the late 20thC

    My research focuses on the problem of re-exhibiting a post-Duchampian artwork. Post-Duchampian practices can be defined as those that make regular use of abstract concepts as the key instrument for creative production rather than a tangible medium. The primary aim of this research is to configure a clearer understanding of the dynamics of the post-Duchampian art, in order to promote the artistic experience initially proposed by the artwork, and in so doing revealing something that could be called an artistic project. The artistic project dwells in the artist’s intentions, in the social and historical contents and finally, in the way the artwork was received/reviewed by the ordinary and specialized audience. How can we contextualized an artwork in order to be closer to its artistic project? This question is the basic discussion of my thesis in which I intend to identify instances where the artistic project can be recovered by an analytical process. Thus, a further core aim is to propose a curatorial strategy which could deliver the integrity of the artistic experience when the artwork is shown in another place or time distinct from the primary exhibition, particularly when it is re-introduced in a transnational contexts.
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    Madeline Yale

    Current PhD

    My research is about the development of the Middle Eastern contemporary photographic art market from 2001-2013. What constitutes the Middle East is a large historical and theoretical question; the region’s identity is heavily disputed and constantly reinterpreted. Relatedly, the emergent Middle Eastern photography art market composes itself and is composed in a number of different, contested ways. The transnational circulation of photographic art objects and images within distinct yet overlapping art historical, commercial and curatorial realms serves as a prism for exploring the Middle East’s heterogeneous makeup, where exists heightened individual, cultural and nationalistic negotiations.
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